Public Relations

Social Media Basics for Work

Optimizing social media for your communications or personal development plan

Sessions briefly explain all major social platforms focusing most specifically on LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll review the powers and limits of Facebook, YouTube and Google+ and how any platform chosen for messaging needs to meet internal and external standards.

Working thLinkedin-Logorough the layers of LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, students learn the professional Twitternetworking functions and benefits and how these programs support research and dissemination/sharing of information. A key objective of this class is applied understanding of social media and how they can be used to advance your knowledge of audience, messaging and networks.

Sessions start at $300 for 1.5 hour session. Session options include 2 hour-long sessions that enable practice and functional knowledge of the applications. Training is most optimal when students attend with laptops or tablets. Pricing and session length will vary according to class size.

Practical Branding

“Hub and spoke” is as apt a metaphor as any to describe how your social media presence fits into your communications and marketing plan today. Your brand and website make up your hub. Your spokes are social media, print advertising, columns in targeted interest publications or promotional trinkets. They all direct potential clients back to your fresh, intuitive website.

Decisions about strategy, use, content & resourcing land on your desk every day. Your work is rich with content and success stories, yet no time or perspective to tell them.

Leadership Training & Advising

The call for leadership has never been louder. Outstanding talent is just the beginning. Today’s leaders must be street smart and audience-savvy.  Gain knowledge and confidence to be the mentor and learner, agent of change and preserver of culture, talent scout and motivator who others count on you to be.

You and your team deserve an experience that makes leadership development truly personal, easy to apply in life.

Your goals guide the activities and tactics throuwith-name-graphicgh a custom array of topics and thoughtful discussions. Your organization’s performance, culture and strategy grows right along with your team.

“Top 10 lists” of things one can/should do are fun, but sadly hollow if not placed in the context of genuine, recognized development needs.

I welcome the opportunity to enhance the leadership growth of your organization, people and mission.

Themes and topics:

  • introduction to the traits and behaviors of leaders
  • trust
  • values
  • change and transition
  • leading in the public sector
  • diversity
  • generational diversity of internal and external stakeholders
  • communications
  • basic or advanced business etiquette
  • basic or advanced social etiquette

Separate sessions can be developed to enhance communications and presentation skills of an individual or leadership team. These sessions may involve video recording, role playing and scenario execution.

  • Individual (telephone, video conference, in-person)
  • Small or large group format (in-person and/or online documents/discussions)
  • Blended experience as a member of governance and advisory boards, as well as executive teams.
  • Additional references for group or 1:1 services available upon request.

Leading in the Public Sector – CEU qualifying optional

Historically, leadership development and advising has been oriented to the private sector. Books on nearly every aspect speaker picof management and leadership rest on shelves in every company’s organizational development office, touching on generational study, change theory and management, team building and executive communication. Sadly, in tone or voice, they’re oriented to cultures where profit is the bottom line and workforce values are self-enhancing.

With budgets tight, leadership development is your best retention and productivity investment. It enables you to support your emerging leaders as they take on more responsibility. Expectations are high that government must reform, but it will take leaders to make the transition happen smoothly.

Options (build your group series)

  • Introduction to leadership
  • Trust and values
  • Change and transition
  • Leading in the Public Sector
  • Generational Insights
  • Leading through Differences
  • Decision Making & Conflict Resolution

Sessions* focus on your team or organization’s challenges, mission & strengths,


  • Transparency
  • Stakeholders (Taxpayers)
  • Limited resources
  • Uncontrolled demand for services
  • Professional administrators working with elected leaders
  • Political ideology at work in policy
  • Ethics
  • 24 hour news cycle
  • …. And more

When Cynthia provides leadership advising 1:1, it’s to strengthen basic leadership skills that help an individual take authentic and firm control. Particularly with emerging leaders, ongoing check-ins and consultations create richer learning opportunities, for they are conducted in context of real-life situations.

Value for your education/development budget

  • Customized & targeted content
  • Group experience & growth
  • Cost & time efficiency
  • Evaluation

Results? More confidence, consistent messaging, a stronger ability to predict and plan for the future or helping seed the organization with future leaders, and yes, fewer worries around succession planning.

* Fulfills Continue Education Unit requirements

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Curriculum delivery to meet CEU credit requirements


Client Testimonials

Public Relations

Personal Branding & Social Media Presence Client – Rick Schroeder, President,  Law Offices of Schroeder & Mandel, PA

As managing partner of a small law firm, I think I have pretty good instincts when it comes to marketing and PR. However, my expertise is the law and Cynthia’s is marketing and PR.  Remember the old adage–“he who has himself as a lawyer has a fool for a client?” Cynthia’s experience and energy has enabled me to build a presence on my two Facebook pages, create more resource content for my websites and align them with other advertising and community sponsorships.

I trust Cynthia.

She can write in my voice for some things and yet capably provides me straight content for other projects so that I can frame my own message. She’s a big firm PR talent at an affordable price.

Clearly, since I have been working with Cynthia, our firm has grown in clientele, expertise and presence.  Numerous attorneys ask about our web presence including Facebook, our websites and LinkedIn.

Communications Planning Client -Terry Tone

Administrator, Affiliated Community Medical Centers, Willmar, MN

We very much enjoy the working relationship we have established over the past year and could not let the opportunity go by without thanking you sincerely for your help. You have certainly made my job easier over the past year.

Crisis Communication Client – The Murphy Family (Minnesota/Idaho):

Cynthia had us all very well prepared, so when it [June 2011 CNN documentary] actually did air, there really was very little drama and anything unexpected.  It made things so much easier and less intense. We touched base after every segment, reviewed thoughts and reactions, discussed how to share with others. This kept us focused and on track.

Cynthia has a wonderful ability to see the forest for the trees.  She is a wonderful listener, and hears what a client is trying to say.  She separates the emotional aspects of a stressful situation from the rest, and then after assessing all details, decides which ones are the most important and focuses there.   Cynthia’s eye for detail and ability to see where paths might lead make her a great asset when trying to create a plan to manage information, both incoming and outgoing. Without her, this experience would have been much more terrifying.

Former colleague – Mark Enger
Healthcare Administration Executive (retired)

I have known and worked with Cynthia for many years. We first worked together at Fairview Southdale Hospital when I was the president and she was the director of public relations. She brought incredible value to that position with her unique ability to combine strategic and operational leadership competencies. She is very good at pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking. I remember many conversations with Cynthia where she would take us “out of the box” to be more creative to responding to an opportunity or challenge.  It is with high regard and confidence that I would recommend her work.

Public Relations Client – Neil Peterson

Commercial real estate consultant, retired legislator & mayor

I have worked with Cynthia on real estate and political projects for over 20 years, and say with confidence that she delivers results. She has tenacity, energy and directness that keep the focus on the objective. Her leadership and political experience is invaluable; she provides uncanny insight into situations and people. Her strengths are in strategy, communications, developing the right messages and using the most effective means to reach audiences.


6 Session Leadership Development Client Anoka County (MN) managers:

  • “Great organization of ideas, outline and examples. Understandable.”
  • “Appreciate Cynthia’s style of presentation; like the reading list.”
  • “It was very useful to have small group discussion about topics. I enjoyed getting the perspective of other departments in the county.”
  • “Excellent session. Liked group activity.”
  • “Really appreciated the discussion on public speaking.”
  • “I really enjoyed this training [Leading in the Public Sector session]. Good discussion.”

At conclusion of 6th session,

  • [Leadership series] “… made me reflect on what I was doing, and ways to improve in the future.”
  • “It gave me some great tools and experiences to use in my career.”
  • “I have appreciated Cynthia’s thoughtful approach. Wish we had more time!”

Leading in the Public Sector Series Client –Rina McManus, Public Health Administrator, 30+ years experience

Leadership development  has been a staple of public sector for years, but has never been more important.  With the challenges faced by every county, we need more than basic techniques and processes. Cynthia provided my management team with a look at factors and forces that impact public service and public policy. She led highly inter-active and engaging sessions with groups of seasoned and newer managers that helped us see and prepare for the future.  On topics from generational conflict in the workforce to the political theory behind public health, we carried Cynthia’s lessons over into our daily business and decision-making.