Communicating with conviction

Conviction - defined

Conviction (a firmly held belief or opinion) is a good thing. It needs to be acted upon and communicated. With her blended background in leadership development and PR, Cynthia will work with you to articulate beliefs, plans or a vision. Prepare for action.


It's a jungle out there. From the get-go, Cynthia will work with you to develop consistent language, plan the tactics that will help you achieve your goal & ensure that it aligns with your brand and you!

Personal, Focused Service

Your advisor, communications strategist, branding guide or event facilitator, Cynthia provides you 25+ years of senior level public relations, leadership & speaking expertise.


Customized curriculum can be prepared to meet CEU requirements of most professions.


Cynthia Bemis Abrams (pdf)


Client Testimonials

Leading in the Public Sector Series - Rina McManus Public Health Administrator (ret.)

Leadership development  has been a staple of public sector for years, but has never been more important.  With the challenges faced by every county, we need more than basic techniques and processes. 

Cynthia provided my management team with a look at factors and forces that impact public service and public policy. She led highly inter-active and engaging sessions with groups of seasoned and newer managers that helped us see and prepare for the future.  On topics from generational conflict in the workforce to the political theory behind public health, we carried Cynthia’s lessons over into our daily business and decision-making.  

6 Session Leadership Development - county community health & environmental services managers:

  • “Great organization of ideas, outline and examples. Understandable.”
  • “Appreciate Cynthia’s style of presentation; like the reading list.”
  • "Excellent session. Liked group activity."
  • "Really appreciated the discussion on public speaking."
  • "I really enjoyed this training [Leading in the Public Sector session]. Good discussion."

At conclusion of 6th session,  

  • [Leadership series] "... made me reflect on what I was doing, and ways to improve in the future."
  • "It gave me some great tools and experiences to use in my career."

PR Strategy - Neil Peterson, commercial real estate consultant, legislator & mayor (ret.)

   I have worked with Cynthia on real estate and political projects for over 20 years, and say with confidence that she delivers results. She has tenacity, energy and directness that keep the focus on the objective. Her leadership and political experience is invaluable; she provides uncanny insight into situations and people. 

Her strengths are in strategy, communications, developing the right messages and using the most effective means to reach audiences.  

Crisis Communication Client - The Murphy Family (MN/ID)

Cynthia had us all very well prepared, so when it [June 2011 CNN documentary] actually did air, there really was very little drama, Nothing unexpected.  It made things so much easier and less intense. We touched base after every segment, reviewed thoughts and reactions, discussed how to share with others. This kept us focused & on track. Cynthia has a wonderful ability to see the forest for the trees.  She is a wonderful listener, and hears what a client is trying to say.  She separates the emotional aspects of a stressful situation from the rest, and then after assessing all details, decides which ones are the most important and focuses there.   Cynthia’s eye for detail and ability to see where paths might lead make her a great asset when trying to create a plan to manage information, both incoming and outgoing. Without her, this experience would have been much more terrifying.  

Growing the Leader in You (Undergrad) Student Comments

Cynthia is an extremely inspiring instructor. I learned so much about leadership and recognizing myself as a leader through Cynthia’s teachings, examples and conversations. I feel more ready than ever to go out into the world and take charge! If you ever get a chance to simply have a conversation with Cynthia, don’t pass it up! 

I loved having Cynthia as an Honors professor. The leadership principles and advice she gave to the class on being young leaders and how to embrace our intellect and abilities was profound. It will help us make a difference in the Honors Program and our individual majors. She helped me realize that you don’t have to wait to make a difference. Embrace your abilities and go for what you dream. 

This course helped me open my eyes to my own leadership identity and gave me a new perspective on how leaders around the world have become successful. I have had such an enjoyable experience in this course, and feel Cynthia’s engaging discussions and personal examples have given me confidence to tackle the world’s challenges. Woohoo

Growing the Leader in You (Undergrad) Student Comments

Taking this class has been a joy. I loved having Cynthia teach this class. She is one of the best professors I have ever had. I have learned so much about leadership, leaders, myself and much more. She has been an incredible role model. mentor and “mother.” Thank you Cynthia for all that you have taught us. You are an incredible, giving leader, teacher and human being. 

My class with Cynthia truly enlightened me in several areas. It allowed me to think differently about leadership in general as well as my own. Cynthia also helped me out personally when I was struggling. She made herself available and approachable, which was super helpful and a quality that I very much admire. I hope others get the opportunity to be taught by her because it is truly an introspective, reflecting and enlightening course. 

This course changed my entire perspective on leadership. Not only do her leadership experiences speak for themselves, but her contribution, insight and go-getter personality enhanced the course and challenged me to improve my leadership skills. I will carry much of what I learned in this class with me in my future endeavors.