Themes & Topics

Lessons of TV Women: Leadership

Planning the programming for the next conference or continuing education? Forget the canned leadership track. In 60 minutes, audiences can learn about leading in a volatile situation from Diana Ross' 1983 Concert in Central Park. Inquire about other examples.

Lessons of TV Women: Achievement

Why is Shari Lewis the undisputed queen of children's TV? How did Lucy & Desi campaign to recognize TV writers, whom they readily credited as essential to their series success? Elements of success and leadership are universal. Why not have fun revisiting them?

Lessons of TV Women: Persistence

Patty Duke's mid 80s reveal of mental illness, Cagney & Lacey's season of gestation before the series' success, Cuban-born actress Marlene Forte's emerging career at mid-life - stories of inspiration, self awareness and confidence in the power of the female voice. 

Gender Issues in Today's Media

Is it time to have your profession or industry's  gender gaps discussed at a conference. Pipeline, pay & advancement gaps however are tied to societal norms. Those norms begin with TV/ film and there is a lot of data and discussion about that industry's gaps. Knowledge is power.

Professor of "Growing the Leader in You"

Taught to   undergraduate students, "Growing the Leader in You," helps young  people discover their own leadership strengths and recognize those  traits in others.  Due to writing & reflection, this is 400-level seminar course 

Speaker, Presenter, Facilitator

Cynthia will assist you with developing the content or curriculum your group needs. In presenting to groups, she encourages group discussion, questions and processing.

Speaker - Podcaster One-Sheet

Background/intro, social media contacts, speaking themes

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