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"Straight-forward, well-researched production"

  Advanced TV Herstory fills a powerful niche at this time in our culture and society. We're looking for some kind of escape, but we don't want to let go of our desire to connect to the greater impact and work that goes along with truly shifting the world that we, as women, pulse and long for.  

 This is straight-forward, well-researched production that delivers the lessons of TV for all of us! Cynthia has earned her standing as a World Class Podcaster.

 Elsie Escobar, member of the Academy of Podcasting Hall of Fame & podcast strategist and developer

"Telling Our Stories..."

What a wonderful gift Cynthia has given to all women by telling our stories!  Hope you enjoy these tales of behind the scenes with Cagney and Lacey and other fab gals of TV.

April Smith,  Emmy-nominated writer & producer of Lou Grant and Cagney & Lacey and author of best-selling fiction. 

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TV's lessons of leadership, persistence & achievement



(Chicago, IL) – Advanced TV Herstory,  the podcast that presents the achievements and persistence of women in  and of television announced its sponsorship of the 2018 Athena Film  Festival at Barnard College (NYC).


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 I've just finished a few episodes of your podcast Advanced TV Herstory.  Great listening.  I started with the Nancy Drew episode and skipped around a bit (Lou Grant, etc. episode -- which was fantastic) and am now listening to The Honeymooners episode.   I'm really enjoying the podcast.  

Bernie Gilmore

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